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The Thermodynamic Database

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You will receive software licenses if there is a prospect of successfully using the software in your projects.
We will contact you for this purpose after placing an order.

The algorithm of the thermodynamic calculations in AsTher is incomparably reliable and no error has been known for 25 years. Therefore we have a responsibility.
We reserve the right to waive the issue of software licenses if the software is to be used to synthesize products that violate international law in accordance with the UN conventions.

When you get an education version (high schools, university) , we expect, that the AsTher written as reference in your publications (no obligation).

You can create self all the datasets using Database Administration, which is already sent by AsTher .
All the datasets are created using data from open sources or free literatures.
It is no any warranty for the accuracy, precision or correctness of the datasets, which are sent by AsTher.

Operation System Conditions: 
Linux (Fedora, Mandriva, Red Head, Suse, Kubuntu later than 2015) 
MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10 etc.
12 MB RAM; 16 MB hard disk space, processor  900 MHz or higher  
For help files
: Browser supporting frames  (like. Firefox, Mozilla,  MS IE Version 4 or higher )


Standard Version: Database Administration, Pure Substance, Reaction, Equilibrium, Recalculator 
Price: 840.00 EUR  + taxes depends of country + shipping
Standard Version for Education (university, high schools, etc.) : 245.00 EUR+ taxes depends of country

Single Applications of the Standard Version
Database Administration:
280 EUR  + taxes depends of country + shipping
280 EUR  + taxes depends of country + shipping
280 EUR  + taxes depends of country + shipping
Pure Substance, Reaction: Free

Professional Versions:
Process Calculator for MS Excel: 925.00 EUR + taxes depends of country + shipping
AsTher Process Calculator: 925.00 EUR + taxes depends of country + shipping

Basic version for students (as learn ) contact support to get student version

contact us for Special versions
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